2 Things We Wish Big Companies Would Crowdsource

Fortune 1,000 companies are obviously doing something right. They have managed to conquer their market, and, somewhere along the line, made a lot of people happy. However, we all know large corporations are certainly not perfect.

That's why we wanted to point out two (or three) ways they could overcome their shortcomings with the power of crowdsourcing:

1. Human Telephone Operators - Automated voice systems used for movie-theater times, paying utility-bills, and for inquiring on a store's inventory are a convenience only by technicality.

The reality is they often frustrate people.

(Side thought: If aliens ever pick up & listen to all our recorded calls with our polite & persistent automated voice systems, they may conclude we are an angry and inconsiderate species. "Yes...yes... Yeesss... Billing....... Residential, no, RESIDENTIAL!!!")

How can crowdsourcing help? Well, crowdsourcing proves that having real people answer your phones can be both affordable and scalable. Sites like LiveOps deal with this every day, and more services are popping up that can help you with live website help agents as well.

Why have your customer hit a brick wall of a long sequence of questions when they could just ask a telephone operator a straightforward question?

The trick is that these services find the right agent with the right background, the right skill, for the right price, and at the right time. The result is that people call your business (anytime) and get what they need, likely converting their interest into a profit.

2. Better Search Experiences- If you have ever tried searching for a computer on some of the largest electronics retailers websites, you would know what the word 'frustration' really meant. For starters, it is difficult to find exactly what you're looking for, and then it is difficult to seperate the search results for the inventory of stores nearby you vs. all their other gazillion stores.

Crowdsourcing could easily improve this situation. With human online workers tagging your website's images and improving the keywords on your product descriptions, you could make it ten-times easier for people to find the product they are looking for.

Also, why not make it easier to distinguish between products that can be bought from stores locally and other offering such as through the mail?

This can be done through our bonus tip...

Bonus-Tip Time!

3. Better Site Usability: Get people to test your website! Create tasks on Mechanical Turk, or Serv.io, and get people to tell you how they really feel about searching your site. You might get some helpful tips, and turn lost searches into confident purchases.

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Author: Casey Armstrong