Corporate Workshops

We're happy to provide customized training for your corporate team around the concept of crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, open innovation and its sub-components. In our half-day and full-day workshops, the principles of crowdsourcing can be more fully communicated, explored, trained and implemented.

These programs are semi-customized to meet the specific needs of your organization, and are generally created for audiences of 10-60 persons. We provide several small group breakout sessions in each workshop to give attendees the opportunity to put principles into practice and walk away with 2-4 actual strategies you can begin implementing crowdsourcing to improve... instantly.

Fees: $7,000/half-day - $10,000/full-day

Contact us and we'll walk you through options and customization.

If you're a smaller company or non-profit, contact us for special rates and opportunities.