Three great buzzwords combine to form a collection of the best places in the world.  A new site dedicated to finding & sharing great places of the world is looking for creatives to add even more.

Calling all creatives! Let’s crowdsource a collection of the best places in the world, from a coffeehouse to a pedestrian-only street to a building, block or neighborhood, based on the principles illustrated via over a thousand examples at Cooltown Studios. It can either be an existing place, or one that’s in the works.

This site is young, and gets accolades for being brief & to the point.  Using the principles of crowdsourcing, anyone can upload a photo & description of a place they think is great.  The crowd can rate photos & leave tags or comments.

If you’re an avid traveler it’s a great resource for finding interesting places.  After stumbling upon Kunsthofpassage, Dresden, Germany, who wouldn’t want to be standing there when it rains?  Cooltown can even help you discover beaches in non-coastal cities like Paris, Lausanne, or Crans-Montana.


The site is in beta and has several potential uses, although their documented desire is for the greater good of humanity.

Submit a place, rate and comment, and we’ll have a foundation from which to apply crowdsourced placemaking to transform the places that should exist into the places that do exist.

Placemaking is loosely defined as citizens coming together to improve an area, street, neighborhood, etc…  The full tongue-twisting definitions can be found at Cooltown Studios.

David Bratvold
Author: David Bratvold
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