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Crowdopolis XV takes place October 7 - 8, 2015 in San Francisco. The VIP Invitation-Only Preparty takes place the night before (Oct 6, 2015).

  • October 6 from 8p - 10p is an invitation-only VIP preparty. It's an exclusive evening of networking for the speakers & select VIP guests. It's become a very fun place to connect before the main event.

    You'll know if you get an invitation.

  • 8:00

    Networking, Breakfast, & Coffee

    Networking & Coffee

    Welcome to Crowdopolis

    David Bratvold of Daily Crowdsource

    Crowds, Games, Automation, and a Next-Generation Data Sourcing Capability

    Timothy Li of Accenture
    • Extend the capability of the crowd beyond generating ideas and completing simple, rote tasks
    • Use various combinations of crowdsourcing and automation to build out new solutions
    • Simultaneously engage your consumer base and mobilize them to contribute work

    Innovation Through Participation

    Rob Dawson of Chaordix
    • 5 key things all brands must know to maximize co-creation activities with their fans, customers and partners
    • What challenges you'll end up facing & how to overcome
    • What we can learn from LEGO Ideas

    Making Markets with A Crowdsourced Approach

    Stephen Paljieg of Kimberly-Clark
    • Women are at the epicenter of the next round of market making ... as investors, entrepreneurs, and the target consumer for many large corporations.
    • We're facing a new innovation normal where disruptive innovation is more likely to occur outside of large, incumbent businesses than within them.
    • New collaborative platforms harness the market making potential of the female crowd in new, powerful ways.

    Networking Break

    Networking Break

    Overcoming the Barriers that Keep Crowdsourcing from Enterprise

    Matt Johnston of Applause
    • Why crowdsourcing has succeeded over the past 10 years
    • Why Enterprise has yet to fully adopt crowdsourcing
    • How both crowdsourcing companies and their enterprise customers can overcome obstacles to work together for maximum impact

    Using the Crowd to Foster Purpose and Innovation in Every Employee

    Chris Barbin of Appirio
    • What modern leaders realize about the future of work and their evolving talent and innovation strategy
    • Top use cases featuring Fortune 100s and government agencies using community-driven innovation to scale ideas and try new things
    • The benefits both the employee and enterprise gain when organizations empower their talent with the crowd



    How to Work with your Crowd (Janssen's Experience & Vision)

    Derek Fetzer of Janssen (Johnson & Johnson)
    • Crowdsourcing emphasizes the intelligent partitioning of tasks relative to a given crowd.
    • The Vision we are working towards and its key elements.
    • Crowdfunding will be our foundation for large scale crowdsourcing projects in the future.

    Crowdxiety: Organizational Indicators and Tactics to Address It

    Steve Domeck of Innocentive
    • Crowdsourcing addresses a broad category of applications for the business, define to differentiate
    • When organizational antibodies go up, the signals to watch out for
    • What strategies can be employed to address them

    Getting the Legal Aspects of Crowdsourcing Right the First Time

    Christian Salaman of Pillsbury
    • Where the most common issues are
    • How to wrangle the lawyers & protect IP
    • How to avoid the scary stories

    Networking Break

    Networking Break

    The Challenges We Faced When Crowdsourcing inside Deloitte

    Balaji Bondili of Deloitte
    • Exponential technologies and business models are changing the fabric of how markets operate
    • Changing maturity of the crowdsourcing vendor landscape: The crowdsourcing landscape has changed significantly with vendors solving more complex and broader problems for large enterprises
    • Changing enterprise maturity around crowdsourcing: What we see as the state of the market from the perspectives on what we found internal to Deloitte and our clients

    We said/They said: Lessons from the brand and from the crowd

    david-roman-140x140 maureen-ahmad-140x140 caleb-wills-140x140
    David Roman & Maureen Ahmad of Lenovo with Caleb Light-Wills of Tongal
    • The exciting things stand out (you find out what excites people about your products
    • They will take the story places you didn’t foresee (product managers wouldn’t go there)
    • Global is possible (the stories and POV are real)

    World Famous Crowdopolis Afterparty

    World Famous Crowdopolis Afterparty Cocktail
    • Interactive Demonstration
    • Speakers Bar
    • 120 minutes of cocktails + networking
  • 8:00

    Networking, Breakfast, & Coffee

    Networking & Coffee

    How to Get Started with Crowdsourcing

    David Bratvold of Daily Crowdsource

    The User's Voice counts!

    Tatjana Walter of SAP
    • Digitization of business is creating a world of new challenges and opportunities. User experience is influencing software engineering and design.
    • Ease of use is no longer viewed as optional but as a necessity and makes collaboration even more important than ever before
    • Learn how SAP is changing to listen to the User's Voice carefully!

    Challenging the Status Quo: Leveraging an on-demand workforce to improve Enterprise efficiencies

    Robin Smith of WeGoLook
    • Empowering a contingent workforce in the collaborative economy
    • Transforming the layman into an expert field agent
    • Big companies now adopting collaborative models

    Predicting Value: Economics of True Innovation

    James Gardner of Spigit
    • How to predict value around a successful idea.
    • What needs to be put in place to make an organization’s innovation approach successful?
    • The impact of the ‘Innovation Hero’ within an organization and why yours needs one.

    Networking Break

    Networking Break

    Stop Wasting Money on New Initiatives

    Hayes Drumwright of POP
    • Crowdsourcing allows the lean startup methodology to be applied to initiatives
    • Spending money before buy in is not just wasteful, it doesn't work
    • Use our MVI process to ensure success of your most critical initiatives

    Overcoming Organizational Resistance to Crowdsourcing: Lessons from NASA's Open Innovation Program

    Steve Rader of NASA
    • Show your organization that using crowd-based challenges to solve problems and enhance their projects really does work when you know how and when to use it.
    • Make sure that your challenge owners have what it takes actually implement the solutions they get from crowd-based challenges.
    • Show project leads that solving their problems using crowd-based challenges still makes them and their team the hero.

    Crowdsourcing: It's payback time

    Radha Basu of iMerit
    • Using crowdsourcing is not just about scale, it can make your business model more efficient
    • Crowdsourcing is not static, it can change as your business changes
    • Crowdsourcing can have global social and economic impact



    How We Are Climbing the Innovation Mountain at AstraZeneca

    Rob Albert of AstraZeneca
    • How crowdsourcing became a way to break down silos
    • Where we are likely to go
    • Why I want to make our innovation program involve as many people as possible

    Leverage Your Greatest Asset, Crowdsource Internally

    Jojo Roy of Sequence
    • You're overlooking a lot of talent within your organization - how to generate ideas internally
    • Why crowdsourcing works faster and more efficiently, especially when you have a global company
    • Crowdsourcing is a great way to engage employees during a period of corporate uncertainty

    Hidden Crowdsourcing: Integrating crowdsourcing in another product experience

    Damien Peters of Facebook
    • Examples of how Facebook and others integrate Crowdsourcing into their core product
    • Drivers of engagement for would-be crowdsourcers
    • Protecting your core while attracting Crowdsourcers

    Final Networking Break

    Networking Break

    Beyond the Ox: Bringing County Fair Wisdom To Work

    Jay Hopman of Intel
    • Games naturally popular in society are useful models for information aggregation in the workplace.
    • Simple, casual decision making processes can be used to build more formal crowd solutions.
    • Workplace crowdsourcing must value the scarcity of employee time.

    Crowdfunding: The new frontier for marketers

    Gwen Nguyen of Indiegogo
    • Test and market new products in 30 days
    • Accelerate R&D by crowdsourcing ideas
    • Fund innovation and brand activation

    Shift from Outsourcing to Crowdsourcing: Is your organization ready?

    Sahil Sarosh of CrowdPlat
    • Benefits of crowdsourcing over outsourcing
    • Freelancing statistics, trends and future
    • Convergence of crowd, mobile, cloud and more

    Shift from Outsourcing to Crowdsourcing: Is your organization ready?

    Amir Kazmi of Lockheed Martin

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