As Crowdsourcing Knowledge Grows, So Does Crowdxiety

"Oh, this is just like … Freelancer … Kickstarter … Mechanical Turk." These statements have all been heard recently and it seems to be increasing in regularity.

With the pervasive use of 'crowdsourcing' in the media, it has quickly become familiar vocabulary to the general public. A recent Google news search produced 94,400 crowdsourcing stories, while far less than the 62mm+ on 'innovation' it shows the media interest in the changing economy. As a purveyor of a certain type of crowdsourcing, this has been a blessing and a curse. A blessing in that it makes it easier in social situations to explain what I do, but a curse in creating crowdsourcing anxiety for organizations; hence a new portmanteau crowdxiety to really mix things up.

In truth, crowdsourcing is an old concept given new life by instant communication via the internet and is driving business model innovation in many industries. For example, temporary staffing has become freelancing and word of mouth referrals has become an online rating. Businesses are always slow to change as organizational resistance is high due to the anxiety on what this means for me, but the walls of resistance get higher the more complexity you throw at us.

There are effective tactics that help, and it is our job as advocates and leaders to reduce that anxiety by providing clear definitions on the types of crowdsourcing, when to apply them and the organizational benefit to do so. I look forward to sharing my insights and specifically define 'Crowdsourcing competitions,' a form of crowdsourcing for new ideas and solutions and the organizational indicators of crowdxiety you might be hearing and ways to address them.

We're excited to be returning to Crowdopolis 2015. Come see us this year at Crowdopolis, I look forward to an amazing event and hearing your stories, methods and tips for integrating crowdsourcing strategies; the learning never stops.

Steve Domeck
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