Have Your Lawn Cut by Crowdsourced Lawn Professionals

Thanks to a new site, LawnMowingOnline.com, mowing your lawn has become as easy as scheduling an appointment online. This service, offered in Houston, St. Louis, and Miami, offers next day lawn mowing services for as little as $19 for a half-acre of land with up to 3 inches of grass. Using crowdsourcing, the jobs are offered to a large number of independent contractors looking to make extra money. There is no contract and no extra charges, and the services can be scheduled as soon as the next day, making it easy for customers who need their lawns cut on short notice.

Using an online “crowdsourcing” strategy has allowed us to regularly mow lawns with just a day’s notice and has given over 300 people the opportunity to earn semi-regular income while providing services much cheaper than a traditional lawn care service. It’s another service that has migrated to the web to drive cost savings for consumers and create job opportunities for people looking for work.
James Hassinger, founder of LawnMowingOnline

Since so many people are looking for extra work, the costs are kept low for both the company and the customer. Contractors are required to submit before and after photos of the lawns before they get paid, and can be hired for future work by the customers. For properties larger than a half acre or with grass taller than 3 inches, the rates do go up; however, the company provides free, no-obligation consultations.

Author: Rebecca MacLary