What's in it for Uber

As crowdsourcing creates new employment relationships, is it a new form of work? David Alan Grier explores this question and how Uber is shaping the answer, in today's podcast.

Grier explores the fact that several years ago many crowdsourcing pioneers thought crowdsourcing was a new form of work. However, we've explored the fact that crowdsourcing as a work process isn't new, only the word is.

Grier also discusses the question, "What are the legal obligations to the kind of relationships, and more importantly, the kinds of transactions we can invent with crowdsourcing technology?"

David Alan Grier
Author: David Alan GrierWebsite: https://djaghe.com/
Past President at IEEE Computer Society
David Alan Grier is the author of numerous books on crowdsourcing and related topics, including "Crowdsourcing for Dummies" (Wiley 2013) and "When Computers Were Human" (Princeton, 2005).

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