The Best Practices eBay Uses with Their Crowdsourcing

When James Rubinstein worked for eBay his job was to research, develop, and manage a crowdsourcing project designed to improve the searching experience on He spoke at our first 2 Crowdopolis conferences and gave a riveting presentation which had a James Bond theme attached to it (very clever). Essentially, Rubinstein gave a list of best practices he's identified during his years of reasearch.

He indicates, "Crowdsourcing has been very effective for eBay in measurement of search results & quality." What has he learned that he can pass on to us? I'm glad you asked:

  1. Why you should make time to experiment, learn, and advance in order to drill down best methods
  2. How vendor relationships are a lot like a marriage
  3. What hurdles, pitfalls, & mistakes you can expect to make (or hopefully avoid)

Crowds can be used very effectively where automation falls short, such as identifying the difference between a jumper & a jumper (???), or a Solex carboreutor and an MP carboreutor (again - ???). When you watch his presentation, you'll understand. 

David Bratvold
Author: David Bratvold
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