How to Deal with the Onslaught of Incoming Data from Crowdsourcing

The Technical Strategy Director for AT&T spends his days meeting with clients like Coca-Cola and Time Warner discussing challenges such as big data and crowdsourcing. Now, of anyone who could struggle with an onslaught of incoming data, these companies would be at the top of the list. How do you deal with all the data coming in? How does AT&T or Coca-Cola manipulate and make sense of what they collect? Can automation or human labor manage the process? At what level does human labor become too costly to be useful?

Clint Cetti, Technical Strategy Director for AT&T, shares his experiences in the following YouTube video from a previous Crowdopolis Conference. He explains 

  1. How to use the crowds as sensors in a supply chain.
  2. What do do with data that's not text, but rather video or audio.
  3. The values in keeping the big data collected from the crowds as opposed to throwing it out.

His presentation is based on what he's doing with AT&T, Coca-Cola and other large corporations, yet the principles hold true for anyone unsure of how crowdsourcing can categorize your incoming data.

David Bratvold
Author: David Bratvold
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