[Crowd Leader: Shay Har-Noy] What Are My Tax Dollars Doing for Crowdsourcing?

Microtasking, citizen science, crowd contests... the potential of distributed labor and crowdsourced idea generation is becoming clear to government agencies and NGOs. Although we sometimes perceive governments as being slow to adopt new technologies on this "series of tubes" we call the Internet, the social-momentum behind crowdsourcing is forcing them to take notice and get proactive about embracing these new, open methods of communication, innovation and productivity.

[Crowd Leader: Jonathan Moyal] New York Bands Together

We all did our part. I, like many others, was in New York during Hurricane Sandy. Wow! I've been in New York for many years. I saw the blackout, the winter of 2010, the blizzard of '96. None of those came close to what Sandy brought to this city. Luckily everyone I know was safe (though some displaced), and though Lucky Ant offices did not have power for a week and our servers went down, we can't help but count our blessings.

[Crowd Leader: Neil Perry] 5 Tips to Run a Successful Crowdsourcing Campaign

People are jumping into crowdsourcing assignments with a delightfully increased regularity, which is great for all of us in the crowdsourcing business. But not everyone on the client side is doing a great job of executing on these projects or assignments. Here are five tips for marketers, agencies, or other clients to use to successfully execute crowdsourcing assignments more effectively, and with greater results. I call them my Five C's!

[Crowd Leader: Shelley Kuipers] Citizen Crowds Can Make a Big Impact on Elections

A growing number of global brands have embraced crowdsourcing in many aspects of marketing and innovation practice. Businesses understand how the power of social groups and technologies can help them connect meaningfully with people and develop strong bonds of loyalty, yielding both insight and action. Increasingly, the public sector is following suit − the same processes and technologies can connect consumers with a brand and citizens with their governments.

[Crowd Leader: David Bratvold] Crowdfunding is Not a $1.5 Billion Dollar Industry

It's a $133 Million dollar industry - and I'll prove it. This is quite a bit different from the reports you may see that claim it's $1.5 Billion. In March of this year I contacted the top 20 crowdfunding companies. I collected the total amount of money each platform raised & compiled it into a crowdfunding market report. The total raised reported directly from the founders of these companies: $133 Million.

[Crowd Leader: Jonathan Moyal] What Happens When the Crowd is Wrong

When I was in college I took a very interesting course on the wisdom (or lack thereof) of crowds. We studied crowd mentality both in psychology and politics. We looked at how crowds formed and what happened when they did.

[Crowd Leader: Ville Miettinen] Crowdsourcing vs. Outsourcing: Time to go our separate ways

When Jeff Howe coined the term “crowdsourcing” as a pun on “outsourcing,” he gave us a useful shorthand that helped explain our field: like outsourcing, but with a crowd. Simple. Plus, in the business world, outsourcing was seen as a great success story, making lots of money for lots of companies (including Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s former employer, Bain Capital). The association was helpful and, for the most part, positive.

[Crowd Leader: Jonathan Moyal] Is Crowdfunding Cultural?

I don’t have an answer to this question. I would love it if some of our international readers can debate this in the comments section. It's an important question for crowdfunding websites when making plans for international expansion, but it’s also a really interesting question in general. Is crowdfunding cultural? Would it work as well in China as it does in the U.S.? Are the Latin countries of the Mediterranean as open to the concept as their Anglo-Saxon neighbors? Do countries that celebrate individualism crowdfund better than those that celebrate the group? Or is it the other way around?

[Crowd Leader: Neil Perry] Helping Your Community Grow: A Key to Success in Crowdsourcing

If you’re in the crowdsourcing business, you’re oftentimes working closely with creators or designers who are trying to make a name for themselves in your industry or area of focus.  If you’re not helping them grow, I can assure you, you won’t be growing either.

For crowdsourcing companies, the most critical asset that you have is the community that you've built. Your success is inextricably tied to the success of your community. It’s not enough to just ask them to do work for you; you also need to commit to serving their needs.

[Crowd Leader: David Alan Grier] To Start Crowdsourcing You Must Consider Your Work Process

Crowdsourcing is about process; It's not about organization. It's about commmunication, point of contact, and how you establish and keep a history of the info you need in order to do the jobs properly. It's not how you insert crowdsourcing into your organization, but how do you think about your process & organize it around a crowd. In today's podcast I'll show you how to properly add crowdsourcing into your organization, through a modification of your work process.

[Crowd Leader: Shelley Kuipers] Here's Why A Crowd Needs An Expert

Although crowdsourcers believe deeply in the insights that can arise from collaboration in a group, we're also always on the lookout for individual experts. We love people who are passionate, knowledgeable, and engaged. We imagine the twinkle in their eye as they launch into their favorite topic, overflowing in an online community with opinion and insight. We love nothing more than to help them thrive in a crowd that can truly appreciate their abilities.

[Crowd Leader: Ville Miettinen] Crowdsourcing and the Raiders of the Lost Ark: Archaeology Teaches the Crowd New Tricks

If you grew up in the 1980s, there’s a good chance you once wanted to become an archaeologist like Indiana Jones. After all, it’s hard to compete with a job that includes uncovering ancient civilizations, risking life and limb to secure irreplaceable artifacts and casually shooting swordsmen in cold blood. But in between avoiding blow-darts, alligators and swinging blades, Indy was plain old Dr. Jones, diligently putting in the hours of research and study that gave him the expertise necessary for his successful fieldwork.

[Crowd Leader: Shay Har-Noy] When Life or Death Scenarios Rely on Crowdsourcing

Two of my close friends, Gil Weiss and Ben Horne, were identified as missing last month while climbing a new route in the Cordillera Blanca region in Peru.

Once friends sounded the alarms that Gil and Ben were overdue we all sprung into action. One friend was charged with calling the parents, one was charged with calling the embassy, another the airline, etc… My role was to deploy satellites to try to get a visual on where the guys were climbing (That's right, luckily I have access to a platform that uses satellites).

[Crowd Leader: David Alan Grier] What Crowdsourcing Does to Your Business

How exactly does crowdsourcing affects your business? In more ways that you'd think. As an innovative force, crowdsourcing shifts our attention from people to ideas. It breaks the egotism that says we, as leaders, always have to be at the center of our organization. What happens when you let your organization be driven by ideas?

[Crowd Leader: Shelley Kuipers] The Importance of A Cross-Platform Brand

Companies utilizing crowdsourcing should know that a consistent brand experience can be your best marketing friend. But a brand that has lost its way can also be your worst enemy. Crowdsourcing participants are seeking a consistently branded and engaging experience wherever they engage with your company or organization; whether it's online, in a community, in a retail store or at an event. You have to be religious about defining, designing and applying your brand.

[Crowd Leader: Shay Har-Noy] Traffic is Awesome!

You don’t hear that phrase "Traffic is Awesome" stated very often. However, the opportunity for crowdsourcing to have a huge impact on traffic and the way in which we navigate through it is immense. By definition, traffic affects a large group of people. Thus, if you could tap into what members of the group are experiencing, you can accurately map and track traffic conditions. This is a natural application of crowdsourcing.

[Crowd Leader: Tom Vroemen] Positioning of Venture Crowdfunding Concepts and the Exploration of New Markets

In months prior, I have written about the ease at which new platforms are launched and the diversity of crowdfunding models and how they are accepted in Europe and the US. Reading those articles, you will probably know that I am sceptical about the booming development platforms and how they all consider themselves to be the financial infrastructures of the future.

[Crowd Leader: Ville Miettinen] ChallengePost: the Crowdsourced Contest that Works (Maybe)

For crowdsourcing purists, who sleep with copies of The Wisdom of Crowds under their pillows, the rise of the 'contest' model of crowdsourcing has been like watching an American remake of your favorite TV show: the characters may have the same names, but what made it special has gone (and where did that wisecracking robot-butler come from?).

[Crowd Leader: David Alan Grier] Can We Fix Errors in Innovation?

Does microtasking have something to teach us about innovation?  David Alan Grier thinks so, and, in this month's video podcast, eloquently tells us exactly how.  Watch the video to learn how gold standard qualification tests & other crowdsourcing methodologies can improve how we innovate & understand how to predict the success of innovation.

[Crowd Leader: Jonathan Moyal] Internet Makes Bus Monitor Super-Wealthy: Good or Bad?

By now you have probably heard the story of Karen Klein from Greece, New York. Karen is a bus monitor at the local middle school. On a recent trip, Karen was bullied by the children that she is hired to monitor. As happens so often in the age of Youtube, the entire episode was caught on a camera phone, uploaded to the Internet, and instantly went viral (8m views and 130k comments since June 19th).

[Crowd Leader: Shay Har-Noy] Two Face: Are You a Crowdsourcing Company, or Are You a Business Who Leverages Crowdsourcing?

Who is your customer? Is it the crowd or is it the end customer of your service? One of the challenges facing many successful crowdsourcing businesses is the two-face messaging problem: on one hand your website and public persona needs to be engaging for your crowd of users while on the other hand you must attract customers to purchase the final product.

[Crowd Leader: Shelley Kuipers] Sourcing the Fashion Crowd

I had an interesting conversation with my team recently about which brands we thought would be great candidates to harness the power of crowdsourcing. You can imagine the emerging list was long, aspirational, and varied! We see crowdsourcing techniques and community engagement gaining more acceptance every day as a useful approach to building predictive insight capacity and brand loyalty, and we asked ourselves, "What brands do we think would be a great fit for crowdsourcing?"