Crowdsourcing Consulting

Instant Advice or Ongoing Insight

Crowdsourcing is a growing field that's caught fire in the enterprise world. There's no better way to engage deeply with your audience than by setting up an open innovation platform, or dramatically cutting operating costs with a microtasking project.

While crowdsourcing can have huge benefits for enterprises, it can be a bit tricky to implement properly.

Daily Crowdsource is here to help you implement crowdsourcing effectively the first time by offering two forms of support: Instant short-term advice or ongoing project support.

Instant Advice

Need help right now? Schedule an instant hour-long consultation session with our founder & lead consultant, David Bratvold. These calls typically center around:

  • Feasibility - Is your idea sound? Will it hold up? 
  • Typical Costs - What will be your costs? Where will your biggest costs stem from?
  • Implementation - How? Best approach. Timing.
  • Platform - Is there one? Which one's the best? Will it last?
  • Honest Feedback - It doesn't make sense for us to make you feel good about a lousy idea. We can provide an honest reality check.
  • General Questions - Our decade-long crowdsourcing background can help you answer any question... honestly. 

Let's Get Started

Fill out the form below to schedule your first consultation appointment with David. He can generally fit you in within a day or two. We'll email you to find a time that works best for you!

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Ongoing Insight

Looking for the world's top crowdsourcing expert to guide your project down the best path? Contact us to see if there's availability in David Bratvold's ongoing consulting schedule. He creates concise roadmaps to build solid crowdsourcing projects. Common work: 

  • Crowdsourcing analysis - audit your company to see where crowdsourcing can help you cut costs or improve labor flow
  • Crowdsourcing project strategy - to help you know what questions to be asking and how best to answer them
  • Public facing execution - If your project will involve the public, David will make sure you avoid an uproar.

Crowdsource Program Development

Every crowdsourcing program starts with two simple elements: 

  1. A Goal
  2. Deliverables

What are you trying to accomplish? And what do you want to get from your crowd?

Along with your team, David will examine your current goals, existing strategy or plan, and desired deliverables. Then, his team will develop a strategy that will ensure your project is built for success. If you already have a crowdsourcing process, our team can help you maximize its effectiveness through the use of best practices & practical experience. Our strategies will outline the areas to watch out for and avoid with your project, while highlighting big ideas you can implement to get the best results.

Meet David

David Bratvold helps Fortune 500 Executives understand crowdsourcingIf you haven't already met David, you're in for a great experience. David loves helping others understand crowdsourcing & implement it properly. His knowledge of crowdsourcing started in 2008 when he founded one of the earliest crowdsourced design platforms where he helped large organizations such as the USPS source design work from crowds. He later founded Daily Crowdsource & Crowdopolis to help train Fortune 500 executives how to properly use crowdsourcing.

Fees: Start at $20,000

With every crowdsourcing project unique, the best thing you can do is call or email us today to get the conversation started. Click here for updated contact information.