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Crowdopolis 14 San Francisco took place July 23 - 24, 2014. The VIP Invitation-Only Preparty took place the night before (July 22, 2014).

July 22

July 22nd from 8p - 10p is an invitation-only VIP preparty. It's an exclusive evening of networking for the speakers & select VIP guests. It's become a very fun place to connect before the main event.

You'll know if you get an invitation.

July 23

  Topic What You Will Learn
7:30 Networking

Networking & Coffee

7:55 david-bratvold-140x140

Welcome to Crowdopolis

David Bratvold of Daily Crowdsource


8:00 lisa-kennedy-140x140

The Rise of the BioHacker. Are you one? (hint: You will be.)

Lisa Kennedy of Innopiphany

  • DIY Bio is enabling a new generation of collaborative innovators solving major health challenges
  • Patients and health innovators are diverging from traditional methods of problem solving into a new collaborative engine…a global bio-brain online
  • Why BioHackers into the future could potentially change and accelerate evolution: a 'virtual halogenome’
8:25 sid-viswanathan-140x140

Title to be Announced Soon

Sid Viswanathan of LinkedIn


8:50 paul-brody-140x140

Unlocking Value & Accelerating Adoption: How Smart Devices & The Internet of Things Will Enable the Crowdsourcing Economy

Paul Brody of IBM

  • Why operations that are based on crowdsourcing will depend on technology for enablement & to achieve operational efficiency
  • How the technology of smart devices (internet of things) will be essential to the key business processes in crowdsourcing efforts
  • What are the limits, traps, & challenges of leveraging smart devices in crowdsourcing & what related technologies should be adopted along the way
9:15 Questions & Answers

Interactive Q&A

Lisa Kennedy, Sid Viswanathan, & Paul Brody

9:35 Networking Break

Networking Break

10:00 james-dejulio-140x140

Crowdsourcing: Not Going Away...Here's Why

James DeJulio of Tongal

  • Why the crowd sourcing movement is becoming steadily bigger and more influential – even as it draws less attention and press
  • How success is being achieved: exploring the common attributes of firms crossing the chasm to general market acceptance
  • What are the megatrends that indicate this model is here to stay, and where we may be headed together in the future
10:25 alph-bingham-140x140

Integrating Crowdsourcing into your Overall Innovation Strategy

Alph Bingham of Innocentive

  • The right way to establishing a new innovation strategy
  • How to integrate open and closed innovation
  • Organizational changes to best support a multi-channel innovation strategy
10:50 marc-kocher-140x140

How eBay Inc. accelerated enterprise adoption of crowdsourcing

Marc Kocher of eBay with
Adam Morehead of TopCoder

  • Why did eBay Inc. decide to pursue crowdsourcing and what were we hoping to accomplish?
  • How eBay Inc. approached crowdsourcing for the entire enterprise and the impact to our brands
  • What has eBay inc. accomplished and how has that influenced the future of crowdsourcing
11:15 george-fleming-140x140

Crowdsource Workforce Management: The Evolution of Crowdsourced Video Production

George Fleming of SoMedia

  • Why scale, reach and volume are the new problems of video production
  • How micro-level task tracking, pervasive quality control and specification standardization can be used to create complex creative outputs using a crowd
  • How crowdsource workforce management reduces costs, increases turnaround time and delivers reliability of outcomes
11:40 Lunch Time


12:30 dyan-finkhousen-140x140

How GE Coaches Their Innovation Teams to Achieve Successful Project Design

Dyan Finkhousen of GE

  • How to design an open innovation project with the outcome in mind
  • How to design a problem statement to achieve a more diverse pool of solvers
  • The importance of removing filters that constrain the full potential of your solutions
12:55 stephen-paljieg-140x140

An Unexpected Journey – Kimberly-Clark, Huggies, and the MomInspired Crowd

Stephen Paljieg of Kimberly-Clark

  • Getting Started - Busting barriers & smart risk taking
  • Getting To Know Each Other – Where to find small wins that build confidence in the crowd and cement the relationship
  • Getting To Value – How to extract value from the crowd while delivering value for the crowd
1:20 andrew-flanagan-140x140

Core Focus Areas When Driving Engagement: "Balance, Simplify & WOW"

Andrew Flanagan of Lenovo

  • Balance: Crowd Sourcing can be fun, cool & different – maintain focus on your business objective and stay in control of the outcome
  • Simple: keep your communication clear, net and focused. Crawl-Walk-Run --- start slow and then build on success
  • WOW – expect to be surprised. Simple questions can generate tremendous dialogue & sharing
1:45 Questions & Answers

Interactive Q&A

Dyan Finkhousen, Stephen Paljieg, & David Roman

2:05 Networking Break

Networking Break

2:30 christian-salaman-140x140

Getting the Legal Aspects of Crowdsourcing Right the First Time

Christian Salaman of Pillsbury Law

  • Where the most common issues are
  • How to wrangle the lawyers & protect IP
  • How to avoid the scary stories
2:55 peter-lamotte-140x140

How Crowdsourcing Can Save Your Company From A Crisis

Peter LaMotte of Levick

  • Using the Crowd to Identify Your Company's Liabilities
  • Identifying and Activating Your Defenders in a Crisis
  • Continuing Engagement with the Crowd after the Crisis has Passed
3:20 clint-cetti-140x140

How Do We Speed Up Crowdsourcing Integration

Clint Cetti of AT&T

  • How to rapidly accelerate the sales time frame for new projects
  • What the signs of a stable industry are
  • How to enable better delivery at lower costs from a mature industry
3:45 Questions & Answers

Interactive Q&A

Christian Salaman, Peter LaMotte, & Clint Cetti

4:05 World Famous Crowdopolis Afterparty

World Famous Dos Equis Crowdopolis Afterparty

  • Interactive demonstration
  • Speakers Bar
  • 120 minutes of cocktails + networking

July 24

  Topic What You Will Learn
8:30 Networking

Networking & Coffee

9:00 billie-goldman-140x140

How Do You Establish Guide Rails to Achieve the Best Level of Engagement

Billie Goldman of Intel

  • Can you steer a large crowd?
  • The effects of too much or too little guidance on a crowd of 200 million
  • How do you find your leaders
9:25 jojo-roy-140x140

Leverage Your Greatest Asset, Crowdsource Internally

Jojo Roy of Sequence

  • You're overlooking a lot of talent within your organization - how to generate ideas internally
  • Why crowdsourcing works faster and more efficiently, especially when you have a global company
  • Crowdsourcing is a great way to engage employees during a period of corporate uncertainty
9:50 bryan-saftler-140x140

How to Build a Self-Perpetuating Marketing Machine with Crowdsourcing & Growth Hacking

Bryan Saftler of Microsoft

  • What is Growth Hacking?
  • How to use crowd data to help you better understand your audience
  • Matching the right growth strategy with the right product fit
10:15 Questions & Answers

Interactive Q&A

Billie Goldman, Jojo Roy, & Bryan Saftler

10:35 Networking

Networking Break

11:15 joe-demike-140x140

Crowdsourcing amazing content for the Web

Joe DeMike of a Google

  • How a Search Engine ranks websites
  • Why Content Marketing is the reigning King of the Web
  • How you should use a Crowd to generate high quality content
11:40 ram-rampalli-140x140

Crowdsourcing within Machine Learning Applications

Ram Rampalli of Walmart

  • How is Machine Learning applied within the Retail Domain?
  • How can Crowdsourcing be integrated within the design of the ML applications?
  • How can we leverage Crowdsourcing for evaluating the quality of these algorithms?
12:05 Questions & Answers

Interactive Q&A

Joe DeMike, & Ram Rampalli

12:25 Lunch Time


1:25 charles-michael-yim-140x140

From Product Idea to Crowd Proven to Shark Tank Financed

Charles Michael Yim of Breathometer


2:05 stephen-powell-140x140

A Live Debate on Crowdsourcing Product Development

Stephen Powell of Gustin


2:45 chris-lindland-140x140

Crowdsourcing Product Development

Chris Lindland of Betabrand

  • How to use the crowd to turn your business into a PR machine
  • How to use the crowd to make your business more cash-efficient
  • How to the crowd to make your brand ultra-vivid
3:25 Networking

Final Networking Break

Crowdopolis speakers and sessions are subject to change at any time. Contact us if you'd like to propose a presentation for our next Crowdopolis.

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