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Crowdopolis 14 San Francisco takes place July 23 - 24, 2014. The VIP Invitation-Only Preparty takes place the night before (July 22, 2014).

July 22

July 22nd from 8p - 10p is an invitation-only VIP preparty. It's an exclusive evening of networking for the speakers & select VIP guests. It's become a very fun place to connect before the main event.

You'll know if you get an invitation.

July 23

  Topic What You Will Learn
8:00 Networking

Networking & Coffee

8:30 david-bratvold-140x140

How Crowdsourcing Can Help You, a Fortune 500 Employee

David Bratvold of Daily Crowdsource

  • What can crowdsourcing solve
  • What departments can use it
  • How you can make your job easier with crowdsourcing
8:50 stephen-shapiro-140x140

Innovate the Way You Innovate

Stephen Shapiro of Best Practices Are Stupid

  • You should work with people you don't like
  • Asking for ideas is a bad idea
  • You don't want to think outside the box, you want to find a better box
9:15 bryan-saftler-140x140

How to Analyze if Crowdsourcing is Right for Your Project

Bryan Saftler of Microsoft

  • Common misconceptions, pitfalls, and missteps to avoid
  • Understanding what you're trying to accomplish
  • Stress testing, asking the right questions along the way
9:40 jason-crusan-140x140

How to Setup Systems for Successful Crowdsourcing

Jason Crusan of NASA

  • Market stimulation challenges
  • Development of algorithms, software systems, & enterprise software
  • Understanding the science of open innovation
10:05 Questions & Answers

Interactive Q&A

Stephen Shapiro, Bryan Saftler, & Jason Crusan

10:30 Networking Break

Networking Break

10:55 max-yankelevich-140x140

Crowdsourcing & Artificial Intelligence

Max Yankelevich of CrowdComputing Systems

  • How crowdsourcing takes CRM social
  • The opportunities & challenges associated with crowdsourcing your customer service
  • You may need to unlearn what you know to adapt to the changing identity of your customers
11:20 wes-obrien-140x140

How to Lower Your Customer Service Costs with Crowdsourcing

Wes O'Brien of CrowdEngineering

  • Why a microtask is the most efficient & standard unit of work for data processing
  • How this standard unit of work can be matched to the most effective resources for processing
  • What role software can play in transforming, distributing, & processing micro-tasks
11:45 matt-johnston-140x140

Improve Your Customers' Experience with Your Applications

Matt Johnston of uTest


12:10 Lunch Time


1:00 clinton-bonner-140x140

Motivating a Community

Clinton Bonner of TopCoder &
Karyn Gallion of Ferguson


1:25 rob-hoehn-140x140

There is No ROI on Understanding

Rob Hoehn of IdeaScale

  • The goal isn't understanding your customer. It's responding to their insights
  • The five important metrics you’re forgetting when crowdsourcing
  • To successfully steward ideas, stop treating your moderator like a janitor
1:50 chris-lindland-140x140

How to Correctly Compensate Your Crowd

Chris Lindland of Betabrand

  • What you need to think about when compensating your crowd
  • What the effective ways of compensating your crowd are
  • How to motivate your crowd without cash and prizes
2:15 Networking Break

Networking Break

2:40 david-grier-140x140

What Crowdsourcing Can Do For You

David Alan Grier of IEEE

  • Crowdsourcing is a set of principles for organizing all forms of production & social interaction
  • Nothing is new in crowdsourcing, yet it demands that we think in new ways
  • Basic skills of crowdsourcing are easy but it demands innovative thinking
3:05 clint-cetti-140x140

How to deal with the onslaught of incoming data from crowdsourcing

Clint Cetti of AT&T

  • How to use the crowds as sensors - supply chain
  • What to do with data that's not text
  • Top values in keeping big data from crowds
3:30 ram-rampalli-140x140

Deciding if Centralized or Decentralized Crowdsourcing is Better for You

Ram Rampalli of Walmart

  • What is centralized & decentralized crowdsourcing
  • What are the benefits of either approach
  • What are the challenges of both approaches
3:55 Questions & Answers

Interactive Q&A

David Alan Grier, Clint Cetti, & Ram Rampalli

4:25 World Famous Crowdopolis Afterparty

World Famous Crowdopolis Afterparty

  • Interactive demonstration
  • Speakers Bar
  • 90 minutes of cocktails + networking

July 24

  Topic What You Will Learn
9:00 Networking

Networking & Coffee

9:25 dori-albert-140x140

Crowdsourcing in Action: Secure Big Data Cleansing

Dori Albert of Lionbridge

  • Case study: cleansing big data that requires human intervention
  • The critical success factors to managing a secure, private, global crowd
  • How to take advantage of the elasticity, productivity and cost savings impossible to achieve with outsourcing
9:50 neil-perry-140x140

Using Crowds to Tell Stories

Neil Perry of Poptent

  • What’s the next big thing in crowdsource video production?
  • How are stories becoming the content marketing strategy of major brands?
  • What are the secrets to successful story telling as a marketing tool?
10:15 Networking

Networking Break

10:40 lisa-kennedy-140x140

How GE Cures Diseases with Open Innovation

Lisa Kennedy of GE

  • It takes more than 1 person
  • How crowdsourcing, crowd-gaming, & crowdfunding are tools for cancer
  • How open innovation ecosystems speed up development
11:05 james-rubinstein-140x140

Crowdsourcing Best Practices, from James Bond

James Rubinstein of eBay

  • Make time to experiment, learn and advance in order to drill down best methods
  • Vendor relationships are a lot like a marriage
  • What hurdles, pitfalls, & mistakes you can expect to make (or hopefully avoid)
11:30 stephen-paljieg-140x140

How to Extract Commercial Value from Your Co-Creation Program

Stephen Paljieg of Kimberly-Clark

  • Developing a strategy for enterprise crowdsourcing
  • How to source innovation from your target user
  • How to build & nurture an external innovation system
11:55 Questions & Answers

Interactive Q&A

Lisa Kennedy, James Rubinstein, & Stephen Paljieg

12:20 Lunch Time


1:20 tatjana-walter-140x140

The Right Ways to Motivate & Encourage an Open Innovation Community

Tatjana Walter of SAP

  • The key motivators to community engagement
  • The key success factors that keep a community up & running
  • What to look for in an open innovation tool
1:45 jojo-roy-140x140

Quality is improved when crowdsourcing a $300M brand name

Jashojit Roy of Sequence

  • It's possible to crowdsource a company name from employees
  • With planning, quality, speed, and efficiency can be achieved
  • Goals should be clear and process must be orchestrated
2:10 karen-trebon-140x140

Crowdsourcing within the Federal Government

Karen Trebon of U.S. GSA's Challenge.gov


2:35 Questions & Answers

Interactive Q&A

Tatjana Walter, Jashojit Roy, & Karen Trebon

3:00 david-bratvold-140x140

Interactive Crowdsourcing Improv Session

David Bratvold of Daily Crowdsource

  • Together, we'll go through a live crowdsourcing experiment & analyze what went wrong (or right)
  • Why is "the wisdom of the crowds" often the wrong approach
  • What's the best method of crowdsourcing
3:25 Networking

Final Networking Break

This agenda shows last year's schedule. The 2014 agenda will be updated when all sessions have been confirmed.
Crowdopolis speakers and sessions are subject to change at any time. Contact us if you'd like to propose a presentation for our next Crowdopolis.

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