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If you’d like to contribute or submit a guest post to Daily Crowdsource for potential publication, that’s awesome. Thanks for thinking of us! We enjoy making & featuring crowdsourcing thought leaders & experts. First, the caveats:

  1. Daily Crowdsource will not post links to products or services we do not personally endorse.
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  2. We will not post articles that are blantant ads, spammy, shady, or link-bait.
    We're the foremost thought leader in crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, & open innovation. We only work with trusted & respected experts in the field, & contributing here is a means to showcase your expertise, not hawk your wares ; )

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Daily Crowdsource has high standards

  • We're picky - real picky. That's because our readers trust us to give them only helpful information. They don't want to read fluff.
  • We only accept original articles - You can repost on your blog 30 days after publication, as long as you mention & link to the original article at the beginning of your repost

Daily Crowdsource is Helpful

  • We won't accept posts that don't answer the question: How will it help our readers?

Daily Crowdsource Gives Back

  • Contributors are always shown preferrential treatment by our team. Build a strong relationship with us, & we'll give back in ways you can't imagine.
  • When we need to list companies, consultants, experts, or others as examples in books, articles, ads, downloadables, newsletters, or other resources, we always draw from our contributor team.
  • You give to us, we'll give back to you.

Who We Want

  • Experts who are knowledgable in crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, & open innovation.
  • We're looking for contributors who can submit a minimum of 1 article per month. - This builds your expertise.
  • Writers who reply to article comments - Engage your readers & use the comments to promote your services.
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  1. The Style can be casual or formal.
  2. Aim for 300 words, but can be up to 750.
  3. Get right to the point & offer real, practical help.
  4. Answer the question, How will this article help our readers?
  5. Articles about crowdsourcing projects won't be published. Sorry, I know you landed a big client & are excited, but those are a dime-a-dozen.

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