Company Built on Crowdsourcing Principles Named 7th Most Promising Company in America

Written by David Bratvold.

One of the leading providers of crowdsourced-based labor, uTest, has been listed at No. 7 on Forbes' third annual ranking of America's Most Promising Companies. The ranking marks the 2nd consecutive year the company has made the Forbes list's top ten, coming in at No. 8 last year. The list is featured in the February 10th print issue of Forbes and the full list of companies is available online.

Forbes' third annual list of America's Most Promising Companies recognizes 100 privately-held, high-growth companies. Companies that made the cut boast compelling business models, strong management teams, as well as notable customers and investors.

uTest provides in-the-wild app testing solutions for enterprise clients including Amazon, Virgin, & Sony. Testing solutions are based on crowdsourcing principles to allow clients access to software testers in over 200 countries on an as-needed basis. 

Forbes strove for a holistic gauge of young, privately-held businesses, attempting to pin down their trajectories by taking a range of variables into account. Over the course of four months Forbes reviewed hundreds of applications. The final assessment is based on growth (both in sales and hiring), quality of management teams and investors, margins, market size and key partnerships. After verifying sales numbers, speaking with each company and debating their merits and blemishes, Forbes produces a final ranking.

uTest has seen consistent success and sharp growth since launching in August of 2008. The company has received over $80MM in funding, including a recently-announced, led by Goldman Sachs.

"Being named as Forbes' 7th Most Promising Company in America is an amazing honor. And to make their top ten in consecutive years is a great affirmation of the apps economy and uTest's role in it" said uTest CEO, Doron Reuveni. "Given the future growth of the apps economy – for phones, tablets, laptops, wearable devices and automobiles – it is critical that companies' apps work flawlessly in the hands of users. The fact that we enable customers to create apps that their users love positions us well for our future as Applause and for the steep growth that lies ahead." 

Other recent milestones for uTest include:

  • Testing more than 30,000 new builds for over 2,000 companies.
  • Growing its global community of professional testers to more than 100,000
  • The acquisition of mobile SDK, Apphance in 2012
  • The launch of Applause Analytics in 2013

Another Big Acquisition of a Crowdsourcing Platform - Appirio Buys TopCoder

Written by David Bratvold.

Appirio today announced that it has acquired TopCoder, a crowdsource driven development and design community. By combining TopCoder's global capacity and design capability with CloudSpokes' expertise in cloud and advanced web technologies, Appirio and its customers now have access to nearly 600,000 of the world's best developers, designers and data analytics experts. 

"Appirio has embraced community development since the company's inception, and has proven that crowdsourcing is an effective way to increase innovation and more cost-effectively deliver solutions," said Chris Barbin, co-founder and CEO, Appirio. "The rise of the sharing economy is quickly rendering the traditional systems integration and offshore biased model obsolete. Together, the CloudSpokes and TopCoder communities offer more elastic development and design resources than Accenture, Deloitte and InfoSys combined."

I've been a firm believer in TopCoder's service ever since I was proven wrong when I hypothesized, "Everything can be crowdsourced except app development." In fact, app development has become a very effective use of crowdsourcing.

The acquisition will provide members of both developer communities with dramatically more opportunities to earn money while showcasing their respective skills and capabilities. As a part of the investment, CloudSpokes will add an additional track at the TopCoder Open happening November 10-14, 2013, for cloud development, as well as increases in prize money.

"The NASA Tournament Lab has partnered with TopCoder to tap into a global talent pool for algorithmic and software development," said Dr. Karim R. Lakhani, Principal Investigator of the Harvard NASA Tournament Lab. "The combination of the TopCoder community's breadth and depth of design and problem solving talent with CloudSpokes' cloud delivery model appears to create a unique offering in the technology solutions marketplace."

"TopCoder pioneered community-driven open innovation and has delivered design, development and analytics solutions for companies and governments for more than a decade," said Jack Hughes, founder, TopCoder. "We have admired Appirio for bringing together the best of cloud development and crowdsourcing. With the addition of TopCoder, Appirio will redefine what it means to deliver compelling, agile and innovative solutions to customers globally."

Narinder Singh, co-founder of Appirio, has been appointed president of the combined communities. TopCoder founder Jack Hughes will join Appirio's crowdsourcing advisory board. David Messinger, vice president of community at CloudSpokes, has been promoted to Chief Community Officer of the combined communities.

Crowdsourcing For Dummies Publishes Tomorrow

Written by David Bratvold.

If you've been looking for an easy to read book that can help you get up to speed on crowdsourcing quickly, the official Crowdsourcing For Dummies book publishes tomorrow, May 28. Preorders on Amazon are available now.

Over the past year, Daily Crowdsource writer, Crowd Leader, author, Professor, Crowdopolis speaker, & IEEE Computer Society President, David Alan Grier, has been compiling his knowledge in his latest publication, Crowdsourcing For Dummies. It's a plain-English guide to help you understand crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, & open innovation.

I'm excited about this release because I've been communicating with Grier throughout the writing cycle & know he's put a lot of time into it. Here's what his latest book will teach you:

  • Plan and launch your crowdsourcing project
  • Find the right platform for your needs
  • Promote your project and attract the right audience
  • Manage and motivate your crowd to get the best results

Netflix crowdsourced a better prediction engine for customers' movie ratings. L'Oreal crowdsourced a television advert for a tiny fraction of what it would've cost ordinarily. Dell crowdsourced thousands of new product ideas and improvements. And now in Crowdsourcing For Dummies, Grier demonstrates how you can tap into the amazing power of the crowd.

If you'll be getting a copy of Crowdsourcing For Dummies, let us know.

3 Ways Crowdsourcing is Owning Journalism

Written by Ramon Youseph.

Work principles such as crowdsourcing, along with the rise of social media, are shaping journalism by transforming the crowd from an unthinking herd into critical-thinking swarms of citizen journalists. Nowadays, anyone with the urge can share information, images, and video with news outlets or through online forums & add their own perspective.

Help Your #Crowd Help You - And Don’t Forget Your Twitter

Written by John Trigonis.

I've been writing a lot about social media and crowdfunding lately, and this guest post is no exception. With so many networks saturating our online experience, it's sometimes hard to see which ones you need and which ones you can do without. With crowdfunding, though, you need the big three: Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.

Crowdopolis is Sold Out

Written by David Bratvold.

Tickets to Crowdopolis, the world's greatest showcase of crowdsourcing ingenuity, are now sold out. The world's biggest leaders in crowdsourcing will convene Feb 27-28 in New York City to a sold-out conference. If you were lucky enough to get tickets before Crowdopolis sold out over the weekend, you'll be able to hear presentations from our hand-selected group of speakers

Popular Crowdsourcing Research Now Available to Everyone

Written by David Bratvold.

The microtasking side of crowdsourcing is growing at an incredible rate - and there's no way to know which companies are worth pursuing & which are smoke & mirrors. Or, worse yet, which stats are created from thin air. In 2012 I conducted the first research report on enterprise based crowdsourcing to help sift through the clutter to point out what the best uses & platforms of microtasking are.

[Crowd Leader: Shay Har-Noy] What Are My Tax Dollars Doing for Crowdsourcing?

Written by Shay Har-Noy.

Microtasking, citizen science, crowd contests... the potential of distributed labor and crowdsourced idea generation is becoming clear to government agencies and NGOs. Although we sometimes perceive governments as being slow to adopt new technologies on this "series of tubes" we call the Internet, the social-momentum behind crowdsourcing is forcing them to take notice and get proactive about embracing these new, open methods of communication, innovation and productivity.

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